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Fighting the war within yourself

It is devastating to watch videos about the attacks launched by Russia against Ukraine. There is a saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. If only it was so easy.  This War does not only affect Europe and its surrounding continents but has an impact on the world. From a humanitarian point of view, our hearts go out to the thousands of children who have been killed or wounded, these children had a future, they could have made an impact on the world, an opportunity that they have been deprived of.

There are many reasons for countries to engage in a state of war, but most commonly it is to take control or for economic gain. Russia without Ukraine is a country, Russia with Ukraine is an empire.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word control as “…to order, limit, or rule something, or someone’s actions or behaviour…”

War does not always originate in the form of shootouts, bombing, or missile attacks.

In our ordinary lives, we are also confronted with wars within ourselves.

Wars within us can include challenges such as finances, emotional, social skills, or the inability to reach our full potential.

If you lack self-confidence, you will likely be a people pleaser, a floater. You will be the person who arrives for work, do what is expected but does not raise your hand when management wants someone to take the lead on a project. The reason for this is not that you cannot perform the task at hand, it is because you have a fear of disappointment.  Disappointment in yourself and disappointing others. 

Never sell the introverts in your business short. A good leader will identify these individuals and work on their self-confidence. Giving them a small, manageable task, may give the employee the courage to take on more, should the leader give credit where credit is due.

We all grew up in different households. A child develops and learns how to deal with situations from the example set by their parents. While some parents struggle to resolve a conflict between a child and the parent, the child and a sibling, or general household conflict, it may be that the parent him/herself does not have the necessary knowledge or life experience to be able to direct the child in the right direction. Unfortunately, if you as a parent cannot teach your child, from an early age, that it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to fail, but that it is not okay if you don’t learn from your mistakes, own up to them and to be brave enough to try again, then you as a parent will set your child up for failure when he/she enters the corporate world. Your child will have an inner war with him/herself, having a lack of self-worth and confidence.

Children growing up with a lack of discipline and structure will most likely “act out”, they may not keep to rules and may, in some cases, revert to violence, because they simply don’t know how to communicate civilly and to resolve conflict without aggression.

A bureaucratic management system, which has the approach of, “It is my way or no way, fit in or there is the door” may create an internal war within the company. Only following orders and being limited may create an atmosphere where employees are reluctant to suggest new ideas, development for better service- or product offerings, which might prevent the business to grow and even becoming a market leader.

At Diversit-e Smart Trade College, we are driven by results. The results achieved by our employees, stakeholders, and clients, are used to measure our growth.

Diversit-e Smart Trade College welcomes our employees’ input. They are after all the individuals working daily with our students’ and clients’ needs. “If I am the smartest person in the room then I am in the wrong room. If everybody agrees, then nobody is thinkingM.D. Francois Oosthuizen Diversit-e Smart Trade College.

We acknowledge that our students originate from different backgrounds and cultures. We cater to students who did not have the privilege to access knowledge and education whilst growing up. Our clients and students are encouraged to voice their experiences and provide us with feedback and suggestions on how we can better serve their needs.

We are privileged and humbled to still be rated number 1 in the educational sector of HelloPeter based on the testimonials of our clients.

The war between Russia and Ukraine may not be the last one we will be confronted with. Like the citizens from Russia and Ukraine, we may also not be able to prevent them. What we do have control over is to treat our fellow South Africans with dignity and respect. To acknowledge that the person sitting next to you may be facing a challenge of their own, and by being alive, you can, even by making a small contribution, influence them to beat the war within themselves.  Diversit-e Smart Trade College salutes you, the person making a difference, you are a true hero.

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