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Learn and self-trade the SMART way!

Diversit-e Smart Trade College provides a turn key solution to educate you in how to earn an additional income by becoming a successful private investor on the Capital Markets and global Stock Exchanges. Your trading success is key to our business philosophy and therefore  our tailor-made coaching options are based on proven results that are designed to assist you to create multiple rivers of income.  In short, we are here to coach and mentor you to ensure your self-trading experience is profitable and memorable. View our online video courses catalog or find out more about our Affiliate program


Because we have the social proof. Your trading success is our growth!

Learn smarter

Study on-the-go through our social interactive e-Learning platform.

Trade smarter

Learn to adjust your trading- and investment strategies according to your needs and risk-profile.

Master the markets

Trade Forex, CFDs, Commodities and global markets through FSCA regulated Broker.

Learn from the Experts

Get coached and mentored by FSCA regulated Trading Specialists.

Learn how to trade online from anywhere on the globe with Diversit-e-Smart Trade College

When you decide to learn to trade online it gives you the opportunity to create and build wealth to supplement your mainstream income. There are not education restrictions on trading; once you have the knowledge and skills learnt though a comprehensive trading course, you can start trading.

Anyone can trade but not everyone will be a good Trader. It takes time to acquire the strategic approach and discipline required to trade with care and caution. It’s not difficult to trade but you can fail spectacularly and lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s important that you invest in your trading education to ensure you reach your financial goals.

Why Learn To Trade?

Flexible Hours

Forex markets are open 24 hours a day, five days a week; you can trade any time of the day and night on an average week. This means you can find time to trade without it impacting on your work or family life

Gain Independence

Trading is something you do for yourself and by yourself. It’s not dependent on work colleagues or business partners or their competence and interest. The more motivated you are to learn to trade and the more disciplined you are in your trading approach; the more successful you will be. With financial success comes financial certainty.

Learn Control

One of the greatest skills to acquire is a ‘trading mindset’. That includes controlling your emotions and staying calm and collected when trading in volatile conditions. This is a life skill than any businessperson requires to be successful.

Put Failure In Perspective

Trading comes with its gains and failures. One day you earn profits and the next day you may lose it. The trick with trading is to learn the hard-knock lessons and use them to grow your trading skills. Smart Traders know when to hold and when to walk away through proper research and consulting an Expert or Financial Advisor before executing a trade. Never trade with money you can not afford to lose.

Improve Your Discipline

A disciplined routine and trading structure is key to be a successful Trader. You’re not likely to be a success if you treat trading like a holiday or weekend job. Set up a proper routine; not only to monitor your trade orders but also to do research and analysis.

Structure your day to make time to read the daily business news and company reports and analyze trading charts. If it was that easy to earn money trading, everyone would be doing it. Discipline, structure and routine is what separates serious Traders from those fiddling on the side of the playing field.

How To Begin Learning To Trade

The best way to learn to trade is through a personalized online trading course which includes setting up a demo trading account and learning through copy trading; using an electronic platform such as CopyKat Trader. This allows you to automatically copy the trades made by a seasoned Trader. Ensure you follow a Trader that supports your goals and risk tolerance.

Sign Up For An Online Trading Course

Diversit-e Smart Trade College’s online trading course is multi-asset focused and offers one-on-one mentoring. This allows you to learn to trade and invest across a range of assets; including forex and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. And you learn while closely following what professional Traders do.

Start Reading

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of money at the beginning of your online trading course but what you do need is the time and motivation to learn to trade responsibly. They say the most successful Traders set aside 20 to 30 minutes every day to read and analyze the asset markets.

Learning to read charts and interpret technical and fundamental analysis helps to instill a ‘reading’ discipline. In other words, an appetite to understand the forex and cryptocurrency markets so you can make careful and considered trading decisions.

Set Up A Demo Trading Account

Learn without losing money. That’s the most important trick when you start at the bottom with trading. As part of your online trading course, a demo trading account is set up for you so you can practice as you learn to trade. It’s free; and you shouldn’t set up a real trading account until you feel confident you’ve acquired enough knowledge and skill to start trading with real money.

Learn Through Copy Trading

Learn from the best; and even the best make mistakes so learn from their failures without it costing you a cent. This is the principle behind the development of CopyKat Trader. The copy trading method is integrated into the online trading course offered by Diversit-e Smart Trade College and provides you with valuable insight into the trading strategies of seasoned Traders. You can also follow the popular trading specialists on Instagram or Twitter.

How To Pick The Best Online Trading Course

Two words stand out when looking for a reputable online trading course: all-inclusive and personalized.

All-inclusive Trading Course

If you’re going to learn to trade, don’t limit yourself to forex. Learn to trade across multiple asset platforms. It doesn’t mean you should physically trade in the different capital markets but at least gain an understanding of them. This helps to broaden your market knowledge and trading skills.

An all-inclusive trading course introduces you to the following:

  • Forex trading: buying, selling and speculating on movements of global currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether through cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Share trading: buying and selling company stock or derivative products based on company stock. Shares represent a portion of ownership of a publicly listed company.
  • Commodity trading: buying and selling commodities such metals, energy, livestock and agricultural products.

Personalized Learning Experience

There are hundreds of videos uploaded to YouTube that you can watch to learn to trade but what you need is an integrated, personalized approach to learning. This means there is an Expert on the other end who can answer your questions and personally coach you one-on-one.

Once you’ve set up a live trading demo account and are working through the process of understanding and applying technical and fundamental analysis, you have access to a trading specialist who is a personal mentor.

The Trading Specialist partners with you on your trading education journey and is invested in your success. They play an important role in imparting knowledge and instilling a disciplined trading mentality. A Trading Specialist will help you make sense of complex market analysis and coach you through the trading process, so you make sensible trading decisions.

Do You Want To Learn To Trade? Who Do You Contact To Get Started?

Diversit-e Smart Trade College is a leading online learning facility that takes an all-inclusive and personalized approach to educating people on trading. Diversit-e Smart Trade College offers foundational coaching and mentoring for online trading to help you master the forex, CFD, commodities, share and cryptocurrency markets.

You are coached and mentored by a Trading Specialist who guides you in the learning process; and helps you to adjust your trading and investment strategy until you find an approach that suits your needs.

Diversit-e Smart Trade College also publishes in-depth eBooks, so the learning continues well after you’ve started trading with real money. The relationship you develop with your personal Trading Specialist ensures you have a trusted Partner who you can call on when you start trading on your own. Get in touch with us to find out how you can successfully learn to trade today.


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