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Where does your focus lie, on the journey or the destination?

My Mom always says, it is not so much the actual holiday that she enjoys, it is the preparation, the planning, the excitement of counting off the days leading up to a well-deserved break. Deciding what route to take, where the family will stop for “padkos”, making detours to small towns which you have never visited before, and taking time to walk through them.  Family photos are taken, and precious memories are captured. 

In the rat race, we can also refer to it as “the days in our lives”, we often forget to enjoy the journey. We rush from point A to B, attending meetings, responding to WhatsApp or text messages, sorting emails, and trying to keep all the balls in the air. Family and friends are seldom on our priority checklists. We expect their compassion and ease our minds with “I am hustling for them, for their wellbeing and to ensure they will have a comfortable life”. 

Why does it remain a daily battle to enjoy the journey whilst reaching your destination? You will need to change your mindset. Making the best out of every 24-hour day is a conscious decision. 

Grant Gardone says, “Educate yourself daily; repeat, repeat, repeat and you will become a professional at what you do and eventually a MASTER in your field, one who others look up to.”

It is not easy to enjoy the journey when faced with life’s potholes and unexpected detours. Factors that you may feel are out of your control are, for example, Inflation, fuel hikes, and general living costs. In the past households could have survived with only one salary earner. Today it is a luxury and is one considered wealthy if your wife or partner can stay at home. More people seek alternative methods to increase their income even if both parties are working.

The unfortunate reality is that most people are desperate and are falling victim to getting rich quick schemes or making reckless decisions. Let’s face it, to earn any form of income you must be willing to put in the time and effort to reap the rewards. Nothing in life is for free and will no results be achieved by not walking the extra mile or exploring the road less travelled. However, it is how you spend your time and what you focus on that will ultimately determine the quality of the journey and your success.

Successful people enjoy the journey because they focus on what they have control over. 

Exploring the opportunities which the financial markets offer, could provide additional income streams whilst doing what you love with the ones you love. 

Diversit-e Smart Trade College, rated number 1 on HelloPeter, Education sector, understands the value of reaching your destination whilst enjoying the journey.  We are a business that is built on high values, morals and is success-driven. 

You will never send your child on a trip if you do not know: where they are going, is the driver trustworthy and in possession of a valid drivers’ license, how they will get there, what route they are taking, and having a method to monitor their progress, right? 

The same care should be taken when deciding how you will invest your money and what you will spend your time on. 

Diversit-e Smart Trade College understands that the road least travelled might seem uncertain and in some ways a bit scary. Thanks to the guidance of our coaches, the course, lecture classes, and one on one sessions, we will take every effort to ensure that your journey is memorable. 

Our clients are also our best form of marketing and future business growth. We value their opinions and testimonials. 

You will not only be investing in your knowledge, but you will also be able to reap the rewards of your efforts. You might even decide to do this with members of your family creating an opportunity to spend quality time with them and create teachable moments. 

When doing life, never stop living. Aim to become a master in your profession but also aim to be a master when opportunities present themselves. The journey is what makes arriving at your destination priceless. Make your bucket lists, follow through and keep being ambitious and never settle for less. You have the power within you to be successful and enjoy your successes with those you love and cherish. 

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