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The past, an enormous experience, but not your prison.

Growing up in the Free State, I have witnessed a lot of field fires and the effect it had, not only on the farmers but for their entire community.

In July and September this year parts of the Free State were hit again with these forces of nature. Farmers frantically rushed to get their animals to safety, called on the help of their neighbours and attempted to minimalize their losses. When everything calmed down, the farmer, with his hat in his hand, staring at the kilometers of damaged fields and injured animals, was already making plans on how he will regroup in the morning.

Learning from the farmer, none of us are indemnified against losses, unexpected circumstances, or forces of nature.

One thing Covid-19 has taught us is to make provision for the unexpected. Plan for tomorrow. Be pro-active.

Being comfortable with your current position is simply not good enough anymore. Working in cozy office environment, performing an eight to five work can be taken away within the blink of an eye.  

Businesses all around the world had to seek ways to reduce their monthly overheads. This had a snowball effect on everyone. These decisions not only had an impact on their employees but also on the suppliers of certain services. Before cutting salaries or having to retrench employees, the obvious choice for a business owner would be to cut expenses that does not contribute to generate an income for the business. Examples of these are plants, flowers at reception, catering, etc. Suppliers of these services, that are seen as a luxury, or an unnecessary company expense, in return experienced a loss of income, leaving them to start their own internal processes of having to adapt and restructure their business operations accordingly.

Setting aside the negative impact Covid-19 had on the economy, let’s look at the positives:

Entrepreneurs have risen from everywhere. Losing an income does not miraculously zero your monthly expenses. People still had to feed their families, pay their monthly bills, and therefore had to search for alternative income streams.

Where someone claimed not to be a salesperson members of our society got creative. They had to take what they have to offer, determine if there is a demand, and sell that idea.

At Diversit-e Smart Trade College we are fortunate to see that our client base grow. Why? We offer our clients the opportunity to accept the past. Clients who previously failed to seek alternative streams of income are offered numerous ways to change their future and expand their earning potential.

The first step is to recognize that there is an income potential by investing your money on the financial markets. This is an easy calculation. What does your bank offer you as opposed to what your growth potential become when being a shareholder of that same bank? Is the interest you receive as a client greater than inflation? At Diversit-e Smart Tade College we understand that clients will hold on to their hard-earned money until they have the knowledge to start investing.

Our course is built for the novice as well as someone who already has a self-managed trading account. Our patient coaching staff are also adapting to every client’s individual needs and guide them accordingly.

Word of mouth and testimonials of satisfied clients have proven to be our best source of marketing. We encourage our clients to share their experience. With our Affiliate Marketer Program, a client who introduces our Business to a friend, colleague or family member will be financially rewarded when any of their contacts enrol as a client of ours. Earn while you sleep!

Never doubt yourself or your abilities. Do not compare your future abilities with your past performances or decision. We all have the same 24-hours per day and can you change your future by taking a small step into the right direction. At Diversit-e Smart Trade College we will ensure that you take on this journey knowing that you are not alone. You will have the guidance of individuals who makes it their career to assist you with the right tools to educate you to ensure you reach your goals.

Thefield fireswill always surround us in this environment we call “Life”.

We will not go through it without making some good- and some bad decisions.

But like the Free State Farmer we can always regroup our thoughts, our actions, and our decisions. We can decide that giving up is not an option and embrace the unfamiliar by surrounding ourselves with like-minded people whose intentions are to grasp every opportunity life has to offer, people like Diversit-e Smart Trade College.  


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