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Learn how to make money online: The 3 best possibilities for 2020

Is it a dream of yours too? Many yearn to make a living online – and due to the increasing digitization, more and more people achieve it. But how do you get started? Whether you’re in South Africa or somewhere else: In this article, we reveal how to make money online today with these 3 best opportunities to work from home in 2020 – in ascending order!

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Working from home is also not easy. Hence, we need to fine-tune your mindset before we explain how to make money from home. If you’d like to find out how to make money during specific crisis periods, be sure to read our tips on earning money from home during the corona-virus crisis.

What does it take to make a living from your laptop or computer? You must work continuously for your success. You need courage, self-discipline and often have to react quickly, even on Sundays or holidays – maybe early in the morning or late in the evening. You also need to be patient, because the big success may not come immediately.

The good news? If you keep putting in the work, success will come. Most people who fail, do not have the endurance and give up too soon. You got what it takes? Then let’s jump right into it: Here are the 3 best ways:

Option 1: Create an online shop

Almost everything can be turned into money nowadays – from towels to pet grooming brushes. To be successful with an online shop, you need one thing above all: a brilliant product idea. If you find or create a completely new product or service that the market craves, you might have a winner. If not, you can search for products that are already selling well but need some improvement – and create a better version.

Next, you need a well-designed website. You need to pick the right advertising measures and drive lots of traffic to your website – for example through paid advertising such as Facebook Ads or organic search rankings (SEO). Remember, that ideas are worthless without action. A bad idea with world-class execution can be a success – but a great idea with bad execution will almost always fail.

Tip: A well-designed website does not only work flawlessly. It fits perfectly to your target group, follows a clear structure and lures visitors with great copy writing in taking action (e.g. to buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter). It also has to contain all the essential information your visitors need to know about you, your company and your offer.

Option 2: Choose an affiliate or partner marketing

If you run a blog or own a website, affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to make money online. How does it work? You collaborate with so-called affiliate programs. These offer advertising material that you install on your site. Once a visitor of your website clicks on the banner or buys something in the shop you are advertising for, you get paid a commission.

Here’s an example: Let’s assume that your blog deals with gym and fitness. Sign up with affiliate networks, advertise gym and fitness items and start earning commissions. The more visitors you get, the more you will earn. Also consider technical indicators when trading.

Option 3: Earn money with Forex and Stock Trading

Day after day the Forex market is trading around 5 trillion US-dollars. With such a sum it may not be a surprise that you can make a lot of money with Forex – for example with CFD trading. At least if you estimate the market developments correctly. The stock market is equally lucrative.

Online trading is the best possibility to earn money online because compared to other options it offers numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility

70% of all new businesses fail within 5 years. Such failure is not only painful – it often leads to bankruptcy. What happens, if trading does not work? You can stop trading right away or adjust your strategy and minimize your losses. You do not have to wait until you liquidate assets, you have no inventory to sell and no forms to fill. You have full control over every step and the flexibility to react immediately.

  • Limited Downside Risk

You will never lose more than your initial investment. Your losses are almost always limited to the capital in your trading account, you won’t be at risk to lose more than that.

  • Scalability

The potential upside of online trading is unlimited. 50,000 USD, 1,000,000 USD or 10,000,000 USD? Everything is possible – if you are a competent trader, know the markets and follow the right strategies. With online trading, your profits are never limited by external factors. It’s only limited by your ability to handle large amounts and your risk tolerance.

  • Easy Set-Up

No inventory, no staff problems! In contrast to starting a real business or an online shop, with online trading, you only need to focus on two things – your strategy and yourself. You have fewer things to worry about and can start right away (if you choose the right training and forex courses).

With that in mind, you should be aware that earning real money with trading might take time. Losses can never be ruled out, even with a promising strategy and the use of all risk-reducing instruments. Thus, you should learn online trading systematically to increase your chances of success.


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