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Earn From 3 Revenue Streams

Do the things you love with the ones you love and enjoy the good that life has to offer!


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Affiliate Programmes for Forex Trading and Courses

How to Earn Money From Home Despite Quarantine with Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Affiliate marketing programmes for forex trading and courses is a great way to build on online business without owning any products – and earn
money despite a global lockdown. But what is the best way to start? We answer the most frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing, discuss the advantages and explain how you can immediately start earning money with affiliate marketing from your existing network, starting today. Our Forex trading course is useful for those who want to sharpen up their knowledge or those who are just starting to trade the stock market.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy where an individual (the “affiliate”) partners with a business (the “affiliate merchant”) to introduce and or sell a product or service. The affiliate advertises these products or services and receives a commission in return – that commission is based on various criteria such as advertising period, clicks, leads or orders received. In simple terms, affiliates help to sell other people’s products.

In contrast to other forms of online marketing, the remuneration for affiliate marketing is performance-based. If you, for example, have a website and work as an affiliate, you only receive a commission if the internet user you refer does something specific on the company website – such as buying a product or service.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To sell a product or service online, a seller needs potential customers or a network. Unlike in stationary trade, however, these do not just happen
to walk past the shop – businesses need to make online shoppers aware of their offer. Affiliate Marketers can help businesses to achieve just that
by providing the necessary traffic through various forms of online advertising. That means higher brand reach, more brand awareness and in the
best case more customers for the affiliate merchants. A lot of affiliates use their websites or social media audiences to advertise the company’s
products and services.

Did you know? According to the Affiliate Marketing Trend Report from the German agency “Xpose360”, 61% of affiliates expect a growth in sales in 2020. Now is the perfect time to start earning money from home with affiliate marketing!

What Are The Most Common Revenue Models in Affiliate Marketing?

· PPS: Pay per Sale (also CPS: Cost per Sale)

The affiliate only receives a commission when a customer has bought a product via his affiliate link.

· PPL: Pay per Lead (also CPL: Cost per Lead)

The affiliate only receives a commission if a previously defined action is completed. This action can be, for example, registering for a newsletter, ordering a catalog or filling out a form.

· PPC: Pay per Click (also CPC: Cost per Click)

The affiliate already receives a commission as soon as the target group clicks on the affiliate link or advertisement. This form of compensation is often calculated as a thousand-contact price.

How much money you can earn with affiliate marketing depends a lot on the traffic on your website or the size of your social audience or followers. The higher the traffic, the more followers you have, the more money you can earn with affiliate marketing.

3 Golden Rules For Beginners: How to Start With Affiliate Marketing

·         Rule #1: Use The Right Platform(s)

Above all, you need a platform on which you can place your advertising content and affiliate links. The best way to do this is to have a website or blog. It is also possible to do affiliate marketing via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. However, you’re often subject to the regulations of the social media channels. On Facebook, for example, users are not allowed to share their affiliate links on third-party sites or posts. If you don’t have a website yet, it makes sense to create one.

Our tip: Focus on your website, but don’t share affiliate links exclusively on it. Also include your social media channels, especially if you have more reach on YouTube or Instagram than visitors on your website.

·         Rule #2: Generate Reach

If you don’t have reach yet, you need to build one. In case you already have traffic on your website or followers on Instagram, it is still important to work on increasing your reach. Why? Because the more people you reach with your content, the more potential customers you can generate for the affiliate merchant – and earn more money through commissions.

Our tip: It is important to understand the needs of your audience. Try to put yourself in their shoes. After all, blank advertisements have little chance of success. You should, for example, know which target group is addressed and with what intention they visit the website, watch the video or read a blog post.

·         Rule #3: Build Trust

Affiliate marketing is also known as referral marketing. People buy something through your affiliate link if they are convinced of your content and trust you. Authenticity and trust are therefore essential for your success as an affiliate marketer. How do you achieve that? For example, it could be helpful (but not necessary) if you represent certain expertise in your affiliate niche. This can be achieved through well-prepared content with added value so that your product recommendations do not appear to be the main focus. Try to provide value and help your audience and the rest will follow.

Our tip: In addition to good content, a good layout, easy navigation, and honest information can create trust. Especially the latter is very important. So don’t try to sell anything to your visitors but recommend it.

Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing:

·         Freedom:

Financial Freedom is measured in time. Freedom to have the time to do what you love with the ones you love. Affiliate marketing creates that freedom to work when and where you want.

·         No start-up cost:

There has truly never been an easier more cost-effective way to set up a business. All you need is a smart device (laptop, desktop, tablet or cellular), internet connectivity and data. No research, development, packaging or hiring of expert talent required. Nothing prevents you from investing in your skills to help grow your business.

·         Learn skills to grow

No skills are required to join our affiliate- or partner program. In time you will be equipped with many more skills to help you grow in person and your business. The skills you will acquire will help you excel at all levels.

·         Opportunities to grow your business

There are billions of internet users. The globe is your “zip” code. The more contacts in your pipeline the more opportunities you have to scale your business. With our recurring commission can you create passive income and earn rebate in Dollars while you sleep. The only thing that will limit your is your desire to earn more!

Earn Money From Home Now with Affiliate Programs for Forex Trading and Courses

Partner with South Africas Best Trading College (according to HelloPeter). With our affiliate program, you can offer your audience quality products without damaging your reputation – and enjoy attractive commissions.

By joining Diversit-e Smart Trade College’s Affiliate/Partner program gives you access to:

  1. Top-ranked Google domain. Therefore you don’t need to set up your website
  2. Earn from 3 sources:
    1. Clients who buy our courses once-off
    2. Clients who pay in terms and
    3. Rebate when your Clients trade.
  3. Affiliate platform where:
    1. predefined creatives including adverts and banners are set up,
    2. you can create your creatives,
    3. you can keep track of your clicks and links on your adverts
  4. Independent SUB-Broker Dashboard where you:
    1. Keep track of all your Clients’ funded trading accounts
    2. Live updates of your Dollar earnings.
  5. Personal- & Business Coaching from COMENSA and ICR regulated and accredited Life- & Business Coaches to help you stay inspired and 10X
    scale your business.

On average our affiliates earn between 8 000 and 100 000 ZAR per month.

Now is your chance to join our successful affiliate program and start earning money from home despite isolation! Or learn trading with us and build a profitable trading business from the comfort of your home.

If you are passionate about helping people help themselves earn more and sales, then look no further! Partner today with our company where you know you and your Clients best looked after and you are valued much more!


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