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Do your research, find a reputable broker and educate yourself before trading live. Diversit-e Smart Trade College has partnered with an FSCA and internationally regulated and licensed, multi-award winning broker that offers competative spreads, tradeable bonus rewards, segregated accounts and more than 3,000 financial instruments.

Yes, online trading is risky, but you can manage your risk. Education is an important factor in understanding risk management.

No, but your Broker does. It is imperative to do proper research when chosing a Broker. The Broker must be F.S.C.A.- & Internationally regulated and licensed with an O.D.P. license issued by the F.S.C.A. You will be required to submit your FICA or KYC documents to meet the respective regulatory Authorities’ and Broker’s requirements. Diversit-e Smart Trade College is in partnership with a reputable regulated- & O.D.P. licensed Broker. Contact us for more information.

This depends on your affordability. There are Brokers who require as little as $ 50 initial deposit, Serious Traders start with minimum  $ 250 to $ 500 to increase the potential returns.

Yes, many Traders trade independently, however is the use of expert mentoring proven to create even more success. Having a mentor also increases accountability.

Not really. Spreads can verify from one Broker to another. You should always try to find the best trading conditions before you start trading live.

The forex markets are open 24/5, but each currency pair’s movement is determined by the opening times of the local market.

It depends on your personal preference, and time allocation.

Popular currency pairs are EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/AUD, USD/CHF, but one currency pair is not necessarily better than the other.

Most Traders start their trading journey with currencies, but commodities and indices have simular potential.

A segregated account is an account held by a financial institution that is segregated (separate) from the institution’s funds and protected from the institution’s creditors e.g. in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. A regular bank account is not segregated and is not protected from the bank’s creditors in the event of bankruptcy.