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Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise trading success, making the study and learning of the financial markets accessible and as profitable possible for traders of all levels.

Expert Insights

Welcome to Diversit-e Smart Trade College, where decades of market expertise meet cutting-edge technology. Our Partners of seasoned traders and analysts delivers precise and actionable trade ideas- & analysis coaching, helping you make informed decisions that could drive profits.

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Features and Benefits


Tap into over two decades of trading knowledge and experience.


Trade ideas- & analysis are based on thorough analysis and market insights. Past performances do not guarantee any future profitability or success.


 24/7 customer support to ensure you never trade alone.


Complimentary webinars, eBooks, and training materials for all members


Our experienced analysts use advanced tools and algorithms that analyse market conditions in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One is not superior to the other one, a combination of both can set you on the right path.

Yes, but make sure your ‘free lunch’ is regulated and trusted. If you lose money via untrusted and unregulated signal providers, nobody will take responsibillity for your loss.

Yes, but with time, regulated education and being mentored by experienced mentors will add much more value to help you master the skills needed for analysis.

Trade ideas are a great way for new traders to start, especially if you have limited time to dedicate to trading.

It depends on your risk appetite and account balance.

As soon as possible, but the entry price should also be considered.

MetaTrader 5 is a great platform, however many online traders also find TradingView a helpful platform.

No indicator is better than the rest, but Moving Averages, RSI, MACD and Stocastic are very popular

If you are sent more than one TP, you can select one of multipile trades.

Yes, however it might affect the accuracy of the trade idea.


Our Students Are Raving Fans!

Excellent services and total satisfaction from Uan and his Team. I have made a staggering 18. 4% growth in a matter of 3 weeks. It does work and they have fabulous Client services. I highly recommend them and deal with Uan. He'll be there to always help you as well. 18.4% profits is fantastic, and highly effective!
A huge thanks to the team at Diversit-e for the course material, advice, fantastic after service (Damian, Uan and Marike) and the "Guru" (Francois) for the excellent signals and daily updates. I have made a 15% profit with my executed trades in just under 3 weeks! This coming from a beginner, trading very conservatively! Cannot wait to see what happens when I gain more experience as a trader!
Vandag het ek dit reggekry om suksesvol 'n fundamental te trade! Ek het my rekening (hoewel nog klein) met 11% vermeerder! En dit alles te danke aan François du Plessis en sy span wat as't ware my hand gevat het en 'n live sessie tydens die trade gedoen het. Dankie tog dat hulle nooit opgee met jou nie!