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If you want to be a profitable trader, study traders who have not only made enormous profits but also losses, such as Jesse Livermore. Every self-respecting trader should study Jesse Livermore’s methods of trading in stocks. Get Jesse’s top tips in this eBook.


Having the discipline to stick to a set of proven trading rules and the patience to wait for the best trading opportunities to reveal themselves, will put you within the top 1% of traders. Learn about the truths, myths and realities that every beginner trader must know in this eBook.

A beginners guide to trading commodities

We strip away some of the mystery and discuss what commodities are, how to invest in them, and when and why you should or shouldn’t invest in them in this eBook.

Are you a wealth creator?

In this eBook, learn what is the difference between someone who makes enough personal wealth to use for what they want and someone who is caught in a cycle of reducing costs.

Ultimate forex trading guide for beginners

If you are a beginner forex trader seeking to become an expert, here is the Ultimate Forex Trading Guide eBook to help you realise your goal.

Financial intelligence

If you desire to gain financial intelligence, you must surround  yourself with and learn from experienced experts. Learn how to become financially intelligent in this eBook.

Trading the Stock Market

Get more information on the stock market, what a stock trader does, and tips on how to get started on your trading journey in this eBook.

Trade the Nasdaq like a pro

Before you can trade the Nasdaq-100 like a pro, you first have to fully understand what it is that you are trading. Learn more in the eBook.

A Comprehensive Guide to forex trading

Unlock the secrets of forex trading. Your ultimate guide to mastering the markets.