Complaints Resolution

Treating our Visitors and Clients fairly is a core value at Diversit-e Smart Trade College.  

Our business model, rules, regulations, and policies have always had this value as our principal driving force. We consider treating Clients fairly, not merely as a policy, but as a vital component concerning advancing business relationships. We believe that high quality speaks for itself. We place heavy emphasis on high retention to provide our clients with the highest quality coaching options and mentoring. We understand our clients’ needs and focus on fair and transparent dealings. This is because we believe that to nurture a lasting and enjoyable working relationship with our clients, we need to surpass the mere delivery of high-quality products and services. Our Company is proudly governed by values.

Our commitment to our valued Clients:

Transparent communication: We ensure that clients and Stakeholders enjoy a transparent environment. All information about our products and services such as fees, rules, commissions, and costs are stated clearly and precisely.

Client-best practices service delivery: We consider your learning preferences and risk appetites before we provide any guidance or suggestions. Our clients are urged to share any suggestions or feedback to enable us to better our products and services.

Address complaints promptly: The Company has a stringent complaints redressal process to ensure high quality of service. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by addressing complaints professionally and promptly.

Feedback and input:  We consistently invite and incorporate our clients’ feedback and encourage them to voice their experiences.

Should you need to make contact, please use the following email helpme@smarttradecollege.com or relationsmanager@smarttradecollege.com

We aim to give feedback within 48 business hours of receiving the inquiry.

If you feel your inquiry was not dealt with amicably, you can contact the National Consumer Commission at Imports@thencc.org.za or visit their website for the email address applicable to your region

Our number one goal will always be to achieve something today that was impossible yesterday. How can we keep to our promise? By gathering your feedback and acting thereon.